One of our first projects was for an Association that had a web application responsible for controlling their activities. That system would meet only partially their demands and one of the main problems was that, for each payment received, an employee would need to manually distinguish who had paid what. Moreover, registration weren’t consistent – some records were duplicated and crucial data (such as e-mail and full name) were missing. Finally, their website was visually outdated and there were no reports able to show to the board a good overview of the entity.

We accepted the challenge and started to rewrite the application from the ground, aiming to manage the affiliation process and all payments received by the Association. We did several meetings to understand the client’s context and demands, followed by actual coding. The biggest challenges were importing data from the legacy system and the payments management which, being a sensitive matter, requested careful testing. Finished, the new web application was online and the Association up and running without interruption during the development and testing phases. The feedback gathered was deeply positive and the Entity currently has automated almost all processes, freeing the team to focus on smarter and more important activities.


After two changes on the board and the continuity of our job, we built a relationship of mutual trust and complicity, becoming reference on IT matters and software development. Following the project described in this case many others appeared (including a platform for events management which deserves a second case!) The Elevential team prays for this kind of relationship, marked by outstanding customer service and the high quality, consistency and durability of the solutions created. We like to form partnerships in order to aggregate more and more to the client’s activities.

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