Elevential arose from the desire of the founders to create a consulting and systems development company which would create projects always using the most recent and interesting technologies available, with quality and simplicity. After years of work and market experience gain, the moment to start this endeavor has come. One year has passed and we are proud to say that Elevential is a consulting company with a strong technical team, which focus on quality and aim to collaborate with the client in every steps along the way, from identifying the problem to its solution.

Time has passed and Elevential completed one year. We started our activities in the beginning of 2016 and since then a lot happened. We changed offices, started to help clients from different sectors across the whole country (Brazil), finished many cool projects and, most important, learned a lot.

To celebrate this milestone of our first anniversary, we decided to create this space in order to our team to share a bit which they do best. We believe firmly in sharing knowledge and information and want to give our small contribution back to the community, who did a lot for us already.

The idea for this project is to be a very informal space, made for developers, tech entrepreneurs or anyone who might be interested. We want to share lessons learned, tips, tech tutorials and, mainly, hear back from you in the comments section in order to learn together with who read us!

In this blog you will find a different range of subjects, we will talk about what we find interesting or potentially interesting for the reader, expert or beginner. Everybody in our team are invited to use this space and frequently we will have news. There will be many tutorials, tips and debates about technologies like Python, Django, Django REST Framework, JavaScript, HTML5, NodeJs, React, Arduino, XBee, Raspberry Pi, PHP, Git, to name some. We will also write about psychological insights we apply in our projects, our routine, development methodologies, entrepreneurship and others.

We will write in English and Portuguese. English, of course, because we want to be read and join the global tech community, which do not speak only Portuguese. Elevential has come with the purpose of being an international company and has pursuit this goal since its first days. In Portuguese because is our mother-language and because we identify lack of quality material regarding more advanced programming topics and technology in general.

So, if you are interested on technology, entrepreneurship, computing or any of the subjects mentioned above, stay tuned and join this initiative with us!

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