Our goal is to spread the use of Information Technology (IT) in order to create disruptive solutions.We believe in developing safe software and keeping the privacy of our partners and clients.

To us, quality goes beyond the software itself – we provide custom and unique services from the start. More than that, we strive to develop every project alongside our clients, understanding their needs to develop the best solution.

Those principles are present in all of our services and we will always work to maximize our impact on our client’s results.

Mobile Applications

The use of smartphones and tablets among the population grows every year, which makes it natural to incorporate them into the daily work routine. Their practicality, low cost and mobility makes it possible to modernize operations and analysis without a physical connection, which is ideal for modern and dynamic environments.

It is great to be able to use your mobile devices for accessing information and taking immediate actions, bringing  your business to wherever you go. In addition, the use of cloud technology creates an extra layer of security and trust for the software, and facilitates the integration of various devices and operating systems in one place.

Web Applications

With the rising popularity of cloud computing it has become a great advantage to move traditional softwares to the web. This way your applications will be accessible whenever an internet connection is available, avoiding problems with incompatible hardware or operating systems.

Given the increase in current internet browser processing capabilities, it’s possible to develop systems with varying degrees of complexity. Moreover, problems with data safety, integrity and recovery become increasingly less frequent. The constant presence of the internet in our everyday lives makes Web apps a natural interface between the physical and digital world.

Financial and Accounting Control Tools

Beyond inconsistent spreadsheets and confusing processes, our software is capable of unifying the fundamental control that every company should have on their financial and accounting areas. Through modern methods and the reinforcement of information security, we reduce the maintenance overhead, increasing the efficiency of your business.

Our expertise ranges from bank reconciliation to rectifying tax liabilities such as the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (SPED).

Process Automation

Repetitive and predictable tasks are subject to human error and often compromise the efficiency of a company. With the use of technology we are able to automate these tasks and make processes more reliable. Reallocation of this workforce to a job which generates more value makes your business more solid, allowing for the identification of errors before they occur.

Various technologies can be used for the automation of processes; from advanced techniques of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, processing large volumes of complicated spreadsheets or to the implementation of sensors and actuators in the field of electronics.

Data Visualization

Information is power – and the better and more intuitive the visualization of the data is, the more powerful its analysis will be. Efficient display of data goes beyond simple graphs; it should be compatible with the message that should be sent to the user, identifying the most important features and depicting the most relevant information regarding your system.

Our data visualisation tools are dynamic and interactive, allowing you to intuitively find what you are looking for or identify what is missing. We work with the feedback and insights of our users to determine important metrics and relevant information, which we use to continuously improve the best way for the user to explore the available content independently.

Business Intelligence

With the explosion of the quantity of stored information, it is very common that organizations have troubles to extract knowledge out of this data in order to improve its business.

The quality and lack of structure of this data often constitutes a barrier that blocks the confidence to generate key performance indicators (KPI’s) to support strategic decisions.

We love to structure and clean databases to allow our clients to extract knowledge from their available information. Not only are we able to work on the development and ease the retrieval of KPI’s from previous datasets, we can also create repositories which will allow better management of our customer’s activities.

IT Consultancy

We work alongside our clients to identify a problem and to design and implement a solution. Our consultancy is focused on helping the client with whatever he needs. We can help with ongoing projects, development of new ones and implementation of new systems. Additionally, we can help finding efficiency bottlenecks in internal and external processes, elaborate on IT strategies and contribute in “buy or make” decisions regarding IT systems. There is also the possibility of Elevential collaborating with current IT partners of your company to improve performance, user experience or to solve specific problems.

Internet of Things

The rise of low cost and easy to integrate technologies in the field of wireless sensors has opened a universe of possibilities. From the monitoring of environments to the development of therapeutic devices for healthcare purposes, we love to explore the possibilities of “Internet of Things” to solve problems that used to be restricted by traditional technologies.

With technologies such as Raspberry Pi, ZigBee and different kinds of sensors and actuators, we build innovative products that are able to integrate with mobile apps and applications in the cloud. Some of the areas that can have their efficiency improved with these new technologies are the field collection of data (e.g. meteorology, car fleet, and production); and the monitoring and remote control of industrial equipment.

IT Solutions

As a company formed by IT professionals and business consultants with experience in different fields, we believe that the essence of high impact projects is to focus on quality and  on the design of the best solution for the problem. We like to learn new things and work with different branches of computer science using, without prejudice or restriction, the technologies and methods that we judge to be better suited for  each case.

Thus, even if your problem doesn’t fit in one of our services, don’t hesitate to contact Elevential for a meeting. We will be happy to analyse the situation and, if it’s in our possibilities, we will make a proposal using the most appropriate solution for your problem that the market has to offer.

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